Ecomerce for wordpress

Ecomerce for wordpress

Wordpress is probably the most popular cms, which can be popular to create both professional and personal website. If you want

to start your own ecomerce website , nor know the place to start, WordPress can be your savior. The benefits of WordPress website are mentioned


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It is simple set-up

There are lots of free themes available

It is possible to costumize

It enables interactivity through comments

There is an RSS feed built in so the visitor can subscribe

WordPress is straightforward costumize

it may create search engine friendly web pages

It automatically pings the various search engines

All ecomerce plugins are available to sell products

There's a large network readily available for wordPress technology support

Steps to make WordPress ecommerce website:

Install WordPress software: To start with, install the WordPress software. Login to cPanel of one's system and click on setup.

Select the theme template for your website. Download Google WordPress ecommerce plug-in and install the files to activate plugins You need to start to see the

links around the sidebar such as product details, Transaction results, checkout, your account etc.

Now, add your products or services for the website. Set certain parameters such aas payment options, countries etc. before adding the important points regarding your products.

You can add as much items as you want.

Search engine optimization: In making your website internet search engine friendly, you should install an All-in-One SEO Pack towards the website. This tool will

optimize the title and description Meta data to ensure that google can crawl your internet pages.

Now, this is time for you to promote your site. You may use the below-mentioned tools for the similar:


Article marketing

Social internet marketing

Video marketing

pay per click marketing

News letter

Blog directories

RSS directories

You have to constantly monitor your website so that you can track the number of visitors, from which they are coming, top selling products etc. This

monitoring enables you to incrase your site's traffic.

There are numerous of ecommerce plugins for WordPress. A few of the popular ones are:

WP e-commerce: This free WordPress e-commerce plug-in provides multiple choices for creating an e-store with WordPress. This plug-in is integrated

with, PayPal, and Google checkout.

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e-Shop: This free WordPress plug-in has a number of features for ecommerce websites. It supports many payment options such as Webtipay, Paypal, e-

Processing Network, Cheque, and Cash


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